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Academician Chen Lin of Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Ganoherb to pass on experience and send treasure
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On November 3, academician Chen Lin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences visited the headquarters of Ganoherb withthe leadership of the provincial and municipal science and technology associations, and share their experience on thework of Ganoherb in the field of pharmacological research and clinical application of Ganoderma lucidum of Ganoderma supplier. President Li Ye warmly welcomed the visit of these VIP.

Academician Chen Lin is currently the director of the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is the author of the first Chinese scientific paper which was published in Science after the reform and opening up. He is also the author of the theory of initial perception of topological properties. In 2004, he won the Outstanding Scientist Award for Outstanding Contributions in Cognitive Science.

The picture shows that president  Li Ye (first from right) introduces the course of the company to academician Chen Lin (second from left) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The picture shows that president Li Ye introduces  the company's technological achievements in the field of Ganoderma lucidum broken to Academician Chen


The picture shows the academician Chen Lin and his entourage to understand the company's new broken Ganoderma lucidum spore powder

Accompanied by Present  Li Ye, Academician Chen Lin visited the Ganoderma lucidum culture exhibition hall of Ganoherb and learned about the development course of the past 20 years and the research projects and achievements in the field of Ganoderma lucidum and other medicinal and edible fungi. Ganoherb affirmed its current development scale, qualification, personnel training and scientific research input, and it has the intention to promote scientific research cooperation between Ganoderma lucidum in the prevention of brain diseases through "Scientific State Key Laboratory of Brain Cognitive Science" and enterprises to jointly build a platform for scientific research to promote the research work of Ganoderma lucidum of the Gamoderma wholesale in the prevention of brain diseases or other aspects . 

The picture shows academician Chen Lin introduced the latest brain cognitive science research in the forum

The picture shows academician Chen Lin and chairman Li Ye cordially exchange discussion

In recent years, Ganoherb has further increased its research in the field of Ganoderma lucidum scientific research, 

sponsored various academic conferences on medicinal and medicinal mushrooms, organized the International Ganoderma Conference and the first International Ganoderma Cultural Festival, and actively promoted the collision and transformation of the world's Ganoderma lucidum scientific research achievements. During the conversation, president Li Ye said: "Chen Lin is a famous scholar in the field of cognitive science. We hopes that Ganoherb can speed up the research of Ganoderma lucidum of Reishi supplier in the field of human health prevention such as Alzheimer's disease under the guidance of Professor Chen".

The picture shows the group photo of president Li Ye,  academician Chen Lin, and provincial and municipal science and technology leaders 

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