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Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Ke Youming and his party do a research on Ganoherb
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On the afternoon of November 9, Ke Youming, a deputy party secretary and deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, with his entourage to visit the headquarters of Ganoherb Group Co., Ltd of Ganoderma supplier. for investigation and research. Accompanied by Xu Shunju, secretary of the Party Committee for Hi-tech Development Zone and Ye Renyou, deputy secretary.

It is understood that Ke Youming and his party are mainly to visit the Municipal People's Congress work units and to understand these units’ work and business development. President Li Ye, the representatives of thefifteenth Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress, and the first outstanding talent award  winner, carefully reported the development achievements at present stage and the overall planning of the future of Ganoherb to this research group during accompanied in the reception.

The photo shows President Li Ye (right) briefing Ke Youming (left) about the future plan of Ganoherb Biological Science & Technology Center

After having a filed trip of the Ganoherb Biological Science & Technology Center which has been completed, Ke Youming and his party visited the Ganoherb  of Reishi wholesale cultural exhibition hall again, asked about the broken and extraction of patented technology in the field of Ganoderma lucidum, and academician workstation project of Ganoherb in detail. Then he communicated with President Li Ye about the main marketing model of company and the current health food industry trends.

"The main structure of our new building has been completed and the output value can be expanded by about 10 times after formally put into production. While continuing to expand the export advantage, we will also strengthen domestic brand building and marketing and introduce new talents in marketing, accelerate business transformation according to the developed trend of market. " Li said. And after listening to President Li Ye's briefing on the company's business development, Ke Youming praised the drastic reform and innovation of the company and encouraged Ganoherb to continue to strengthen its own brand building and further develop its advantages in the field of export of Ganoderma lucidum of Ganoderma wholesale.

The photo shows President Li Ye introduced the base construction of Ganoderma to Ke Youming

The photo shows Ke Youming and his party understand the health care functions of company's new product

In addition, the research group hold a communication forum onthe Universal institutional problems of domestic enterprises, and listened to the suggestions of President Li Ye in the field of brand building and foreign trade of the company. The Group expressed that the Municipal People's Congress would do its best to serve well and improve work efficiency and help the outstanding enterprises to maintain their healthy development, try to build the well-known trademark "Ganoderma" into a world-renowned brand of Ganoderma lucidum of Reishi supplier.

Photo shows President Li Ye understand the company marketing model from Ke Youming and his party on the froum

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