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Is lung nodule lung cancer? Does it require surgery?
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Most of the lung nodules are found in the physical examination, and some of them may develop into lung cancer. Do lung nodules have to be surgically removed? How to prevent and treat lung cancer in daily life?

On September 25th, the launching ceremony of the public welfare live broadcast "Interview with Famous Doctors" jointly launched by GANOHERB Group (A Leading Ganoderma Manufacturer and Processor in China) and Fujian News Broadcasting was successfully held at the headquarters of GANOHERB. In the subsequent expert live broadcast of "Interview with Famous Doctors", Chief Physician Tu Yuanrong of the Department of Thoracic Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University brought us the first live broadcast on "Lung Cancer"-"Are Lung Nodules Lung Cancer? Do they need surgery?" Next, let us review the exciting content of this live broadcast.
Director Tu talks about "lung nodules"
"I have been working in the thoracic surgery department for decades. In recent years, I found that the proportion of lung cancer has been rising. According to China's big data, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer are ranked first, so everyone should pay more attention to the lungs. To prevent and treat health problems as early as possible," Director Tu said. When talking about the high incidence of small pulmonary nodules, Director Tu said that in recent years, everyone has paid more and more attention to health problems. Many people have developed the habit of having physical examinations. With the development of technology, the probability of detecting lung nodules in the physical examination also increases. Then, is a lung nodule lung cancer? Does it require surgery?
“A lung nodule is not equal to lung cancer!" Director Tu said decisively.
Definition of lung nodules
1. X-ray or CT shows round or quasi-circular focal of lesion
2. Solid or semi-solid shadows with a diameter less than 3CM
3. Without hilar lymph nodes, atelectasis, pleural fluid
Director Tu said in the live broadcast that all those below 5 mm are called micro-nodules, those with 5-10 mm are called small nodules, those with 1-3 cm are called lung nodules, and those larger than 3 cm are called lung masses. Not all nodules develop into lung cancer. Among these small lung nodules, the proportion of malignancy is quite low. If a small pulmonary nodule is found, the most appropriate way is to have a physical examination once every six months, observe the dynamic CT to see the changing trend of the small nodule and listen to the doctor's advice instead of holding bias that any small nodule found requires a surgery.
Analysis of the causes of small lung nodules:
Since only a few small lung nodules are malignant, why do most of the small lung nodules come from? One is small nodules caused by other diseases. For example, the small bumps left by inflammation after lung infection are called inflammatory pseudotumors; another example is certain rheumatic immune system diseases can also cause small lung nodules. The other is related to the living environment. For example, the people living in some areas depend on biofuels for fire. During the combustion process, people will inhale a lot of smoke; and inhaling a lot of kitchen fumes may also cause small lung nodules. "So it is recommended that the kitchen must be installed with a smoke exhaust ventilator with strong suction to reduce the inhalation of cooking fumes in the kitchen.” Director Tu emphasized. In addition, there are more smog days in some areas where the chance of inhaling tiny particles increases. Over time, it is easy to cause small lung nodules.
How does lung cancer occur?
Director Tu said, “First, the probability of cancer caused by genetic factors is about 15-20%. Secondly, bad lifestyle habits are more likely to cause cancer. But regardless of genetic factors or lifestyle factors, gene mutations are the main cause of lung cancer."
The causes of gene mutations are mainly divided into internal causes and external causes. Internal causes mainly refer to heredity, mental state, endocrine, etc. External causes mainly refer to changes in the environment such as air pollution and smog.
There are tumor suppressor genes in the human body. The best "anticancer drug" is the body's own immunity. But once the body's immunity is destroyed, the tumor suppressor genes will no longer function. At this time, cancer will occur. Therefore, it is very important to boost the immune system. "The products of GANOHERB can fully enhance immunity. Spore oil and spore powder are both very good immunity-enhancing products. During the fight against the novel coronavirus, President Li Ye of GANOHERB Group also donated a lot of spore oil and spore powder to many hospitals to ensure that the medical staff protect their own immunity during the fight against the epidemic."  Director Tu said when mentioning the immunity.
What are the clinical manifestations of lung cancer?
There are four manifestations of early lung cancer:

1.Irritating dry cough
2.Blood-stained sputum
3.Focal pneumonia

There are four manifestations of advanced lung cancer:

1.Severe pneumonia
3.Breathing difficulties

Live Broadcast Q&A
Question 1: Can a 5mm lung nodule disappear through diet and exercise?
Director Tu answered: This is possible but not absolute. The small nodules that disappear in some people may be caused by infection. The lungs inherently have the ability to repair, and people with strong lung repair capabilities can indeed rely on the power of self-healing to make small nodules disappear. It is recommended to review once every six months to observe the changes of dynamic CT. Because the nodule is so small, it is difficult to determine its cause. So you'd better accept reviews and follow-ups.

Question 2: The size of the nodule is 3 mm. The left lung has no nodules but the right lung has a nodule. Will the nodules move around on their own?
Director Tu answered: The nodules will not move randomly. It is possible that the small nodule on the left lung recovered by itself, and then a new nodule grew on the right side. This situation exists. It is recommended to continue to pay attention, review and always consult a doctor.
Question 3: Lung nodules have been existing for more than ten years. Their size is between 3mm and 10mm. Will they develop into lung cancer?
Director Tu answered: I have encountered many such situations, which still need a process of dynamic CT observation. It is recommended to review it regularly for half a year. Usually, you'd better take active exercises, preserve health and take medicines.

Question 4: Will chronic pharyngitis cause lung cancer?
Director Tu answered: No. They are totally different.


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