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Ganoderma Tsugae Ethanol Extract reduces body fat accumulation
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If white fat is the storage responsible for storing energy and will continue to expand with the storage volume, then brown fat is like a boiler that will actively burn fat to generate heat to maintain body temperature.
The former makes people obese, but it is the most important form of fat in the human body; the latter makes people thin, but it is a magic weapon for babies and hibernating animals to resist the cold.
Although white fat cannot be converted into brown fat, white fat can become more like brown fat under external environmental stimuli (such as low temperature). This conversion process is called browning, which accelerates fat burning.
Promote fat burning

According to a study published by Professor Ming-Qin Gao (China Medical University) in "FEBS Letters" (Federation of European Biochemical Societies), it is found that Ganoderma tsugae ethanol extract (GTEE) can promote fat cells browning:
In the 12-week experiment, GTEE-eating mice were given a high-fat diet. The white adipose tissue showed the characteristics of brown fat, including more mitochondria in the cells (mitochondria are the factories where cells burn fat to produce energy). There are also more UCP1 proteins in the mitochondria that are responsible for converting energy into heat. This is all evidence that fat is more likely to be used than hoarded (Figures 1 to 2).
Figure 1 GTEE promotes mitochondrial proliferation of fat cells
(The more brown reaction, the more mitochondria, the more helpful for fat burning)

Figure 2 GTEE promotes the proliferation of UCP1 protein in adipocyte mitochondria
(The black arrow indicates UCP1 protein. The more the number, the more it helps to burn fat)
Fat cells become smaller and the proportion of fat decreases
Weight gain slows down, blood sugar and blood lipids improve
The experiment also observed that in these high-fat diet mice that ate GTEE, the size of fat cells was only half that of the high-fat diet mice that ate no GTEE(Figure 3), and adipose tissue accounted for less body weight (Figure 4). There was less weight gain (Figure 5), and even the glucose abnormality and dyslipidemia caused by high-fat diet have been improved (Figures 6-8).

Figure 3 GTEE inhibits fat cell growth

Figure 4 GTEE reduces the proportion of fat in body weight

Figure 5 GTEE slows down the rate of weight gain

Figure 6 GTEE improves fasting blood glucose

Figure 7 GTEE improves triglycerides

Figure 8 GTEE improves low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
The rich triterpene content is the key to the experimental effectiveness
The GTEE used in the experiment is rich in triterpenoids, the most important active ingredient of which is identified as ganoderic acid C2.
The above research results reveal the value of Reishi triterpenes to "reduce body fat accumulation" and "regulate blood sugar and blood lipids". Although it does not completely solve the problem, it can already help us secretly.
Since you can’t control your mouth, eat more Ganoderma rich in triterpenes! As for why Lingzhi has so many functions? The answer waits for scientists to find out. We just need to eat Ganoderma seriously.
[Data Source] Tseng HH, et al. Proteomic profiling of Ganoderma tsugae ethanol extract-induced adipogenesis displaying browning features. FEBS Lett. 2018, 592(10):1643-1666.


About the author/ Ms. Wu Tingyao
Wu Tingyao has been reporting on first-hand Ganoderma lucidum information since 1999. She is the author of "Ganoderma lucidum: Ingenious Beyond Description" (published in The People's Medical Publishing House in April 2017).
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