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Vice Minister of Science and Technology Li Meng visits GanoHerb
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At noon on April 9, Li Meng, Member of the Leading Members’ Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Xie Min, Director-General of the Department of Policy, Regulations and Innovation System Construction, and Xie Xin, Director-General of the Department of Resource Allocation and Management visited GANOHERB Group (one of the first batch of sci-tech commissioner demonstration bases) accompanied by Chen Qiuli, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Director-General of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department, Lin Zhonglin, Vice Mayor of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, Ren Yiwen, Director-General of Fuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Huang Jianxiong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Fuzhou High-tech Zone, and Wei Bangzhong, Director of the Management Committee of Fuzhou High-tech Zone. They walked into the headquarters of GANOHERB Group to learn about GanoHerb's achievements in scientific and technological innovation, targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in recent years. 
"You are Li Ye famous for making Reishi. I have heard of you many times in Beijing. " Vice Minister Li Meng got out of the car and praised, "Your Reishi industry is indeed doing well!" 
GanoHerb Group Chairman Li Ye warmly welcomed the arrival of Li Meng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology
"Unexpectedly, your company has so many invention patents." As soon as Vice Minister Li Meng and his entourage stepped into the hall of GanoHerb Group, they were amazed by the invention patent certificates in front of them! When they heard that these invention patents cover the core aspects of Reishi cultivation, quality control, deep processing and product development, the research team highly praised the achievements made by GanoHerb in the field of scientific and technological innovation.
Chairman Li Ye introduced the invention patents obtained by GanoHerb to Vice Minister Li Meng
Accompanied by Chairman Li Ye, Vice Minister Li Meng and his entourage came to the GanoHerb Reishi cultural exhibition hall to learn more about the farm planting, technological innovation and marketing of GanoHerb Group. Vice Minister Li Meng fully affirmed GanoHerb's efforts on self-dependent innovation, leading the development of industrial standards and promotion of the high-quality development of Reishi industry.
 Vice Minister Li Meng was attracted by clusters of Ganoderma amboinense as soon as he entered the Reishi culture exhibition hall.
Vice Minister Li Meng listened to Chairman Li Ye's introduction on Reishi planting and industrial development.
 Chairman Li Ye introduced the foreign trade products of GanoHerb to the research team
Vice Minister Li Meng tasted Ganoderma lucidum spore oil, the core technology product of GanoHerb
“As an early technology commissioner enterprise in Nanping, GanoHerb was both the practitioner and beneficiary of the sci-tech commissioner system. With the support of the sci-tech commissioner system, GanoHerb has constantly introduced a number of professors from inside and outside Fujian province to establish a commissioner team. On the one hand, GanoHerb continues to promote the Reishi cultivation and provide guidance for the variety selection, planting promotion and production increase against adversity for the Reishi industry. On the other hand, GanoHerb goes deep into the front line of poverty alleviation, providing technical guidance for local peasant households and using technology and strict quality standards to help grassroots to increase production and income." During the communication, Chairman Li Ye introduced in detail how to use the advantages of sci-tech commissioners to help alleviate poverty.
So far, GanoHerb has promoted the cultivation of 733.33 ha of Reishi in total, driving 5,100 peasant households to achieve an average annual increase of 15,000 yuan in household income. Meanwhile, through the creation of a leisure eco-tourism project integrating Reishi sightseeing, Reishi health-preserving culture, medicative diet for food therapy and leisure vacations, GanoHerb strongly stimulated the local economic development, achieved the integration of the three industries, promoted the revitalization and development of rural areas, and was awarded the "National Advanced Individual for Poverty Alleviation". After listening to the above report, Vice Minister Li Meng said happily, "The national advanced individual for poverty alleviation this time. Good job! I hope you will continue to strengthen sci-tech innovation and accelerate industrial development and strive to become an advanced individual for rural revitalization next time!"
 Vice Minister Li Meng was interested in the spore cell-wall breaking technology of GanoHerb.
 Vice Minister Li Meng asked in detail about GanoHerb's work in the development of national standards for spore powder
 The research team was amazed at the dazzling array of honor certificates in front of them.
Since its establishment, GanoHerb has insisted on combining self-dependent innovation with industry-university-research. It has not only established three national scientific research platforms but also established the first academician workstation in the Reishi industry with the Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and has led or participated in the development of 15 Reishi standards at national, industrial, local and group levels.
The project of “Demonstration study on precision poverty alleviation through standardized cultivation of high-quality authentic traditional Chinese medicinal materials Ganoderma produced in Fujian” undertaken by GanoHerb in 2019 not only has achieved a breakthrough in the category of Ganoderma from the TCM modernization research to the level of national guidance but also has effectively promoted the development of green economy and targeted poverty alleviation in northern Fujian.
In the future, GanoHerb will also strive to make the traditional Chinese medicine Ganoderma industry more distinctive and competitive, consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and contribute to the revitalization of the countryside!
The research team took a group photo with Chairman Li Ye in the lobby of GanoHerb headquarter.
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